Travel Insurance – Guaranteed Stress-Free Holidays

People tend to make travel arrangements during school term holidays and festive seasons although the cost is much higher during this time of the year. One of the main reasons for such preference is because the children do not have to skip school. For those people who live across the globe, they will usually prepare their vacations during the summer season. A vacation can either be a journey to the other end of the world or just a short trip to some where nearby.

Regardless of the destination, traveling is often associated with tedious preparation. It involves planning ahead in all aspects, namely doing pre-travel shopping for necessities, organizing your wardrobe and making a checklist. With so much preparation going on, one tends to easily overlook the need to purchase travel insurance. Although it is not officially required by law, it is crucial to be covered in case of any mishaps which will certainly ruin the holiday and turn it into a frightening nightmare. Can you imagine being left stranded mercilessly in a foreign land?

Some of the calamities of traveling include losing your passports, flight delay, lost luggage, trip cancellation, sickness and accidents. If a simple flight delay can cause disastrous consequences for your carefully planned vacation, what more in the event of an unforeseen accident or if you were to fall sick? A brief hospital stay can amount to a hefty sum. So it is always better to be safe than sorry.

When you wish to obtain travel insurance, it is advisable to seek companies where you can safely place your trust in. Do seek out highly reputable companies focusing on customer satisfaction. Such companies usually pride themselves on efficient and hassle-free service. Travel insurance covers a wide range of policies, usually specially packaged to meet the needs of travelers. Apart from the coverage of business insurance, adventure travel insurance, single or group insurance, there are also some interesting packages for senior citizens as well as for those with pre-existing medical conditions. The rates are competitive and can be obtained at affordable prices so do check out the best value for money.

Backpacker Travel Insurance – Don’t Let Exams Spoil Your Adventures

Traveling to far away and exotic places is something that is high on the list of priorities for many people in this age of easy travel. It is especially true for young people with itchy feet who are finishing up school or college and eager to be independent and explore the world. Travel insurance companies accommodate for this type of travel by offering insurance for backpackers, students on a gap year, or any young (or even not-so-young) person needing insurance for an extended trip. It’s just a matter of finding the right policy that will tick all the boxes.

Okay, so you may not plan to take much luggage and are not bothered about your property being stolen – but that is not a good reason to skip purchasing travel insurance altogether! At a very minimum, a backpacker policy is important as it provides cover for those unexpected mishaps – which hopefully will never be needed – such as emergency medical expenses, personal liability, and legal costs.

Adventure sports activities are included as standard in many backpacker policies. However, the activities must usually be participated in on a ‘casual’ basis only (i.e. not the main purpose of the trip) such as scuba diving, wind surfing, or a parachute or bungee jump. Be sure to check the terms and exclusions in any policy and understand what is and is not covered – as well as any excess (deductible) that may apply.

Worried about examination results? It is not necessary to delay travel while biting your nails and waiting for those important, life-changing, exam results. A backpacker policy will often provide cover for cancellation or curtailment of a trip if a re-sit of exams becomes necessary. Check the actual terms and conditions, as typically it must be an approved examining body and the date of issue of the policy must be prior to the exam dates relating to any failed exam or course.

It may be worthwhile – especially during difficult economic times – to pay a little extra for a policy which includes cover for ‘Scheduled Airline Failure’ – and this is included as standard in many backpacker policies.

Some restrictions may apply to a backpacker policy regarding traveling and working. If a travel itinerary includes plans to work abroad or participate in paid or unpaid voluntary work a different type of policy may be needed. If in doubt, always ask to make sure the policy has the necessary levels of cover.

Travel Insurance Agencies Ltd. provide a range of policies designed for backpackers and travelers up to age 46 who plan to travel light. Why waste those precious travel funds on insurance cover you don’t really need. A backpacker or Discovery Light policy is designed to be affordable for those who plan to travel without a lot of luggage by excluding cover for personal effects, baggage and cash.

A backpacker policy can usually be combined with winter sports (skiing/snowboarding) cover for an additional premium – such as a Discovery policy. This will normally include cover for ski equipment, ski pass and ski hire for up to one year of travel. Make sure that air ambulance and emergency medical repatriation is included, as the cost for these services abroad can be astronomical – especially in the USA.

One big advantage of booking travel insurance through the internet is having access to an immediate online cover note. If, as so often happens, the boring details of the trip – such as sorting out travel insurance – are left until the last minute there will be no need to wait for the policy documents to arrive in the post. The policy wording will also be available to view online if needed.

Foreign travel is something most young people excitedly look forward to once all the years of hard work and study are over. The playgrounds of the world await – and it simply is not worth taking the risk of spoiling the reward and that trip of a lifetime by neglecting to take out travel or backpacker insurance. Those itchy feet are likely to walk into all sorts of exciting adventures – so it is important to protect and care for them – wherever they may lead!

Jean Andrews is an employee of Travel Insurance Agencies Ltd (TIA Ltd). Jean regularly contributes informative articles about travel insurance and travel related matters.

Travel Insurance – The Safest Way to Travel

The only way to see different countries and to experience their cultures is to travel to the country itself and depending on where your destination is, it can mean traveling from one end to the other, right across the globe. And while being away from the security and comfort of your home, certain form of protection against any mishaps is essential. Therefore, travel insurance is the safest way to see the world…!

Insurance ensures peace of mind and sees to any unexpected problems arising from your trip. You have the assurance that everything will be taken care of while abroad and problems such as losing your luggage or falling sick will be promptly attended to. Other types of problems such as delayed and flight cancellation, sickness, loss of personal belongings, theft and even accidents are also covered. In other words, insurance guarantees a worry-free holiday. On your part, all you need is to have sufficient coverage. There are many insurance companies in the market, offering various types of insurance policies with affordable rates. Below is a list of comprehensive insurance packages designed to meet the different requirements of travelers:-

(1) Annual travel insurance
(2) Single trip insurance
(3) Business travel insurance
(4) Adventure travel insurance
(5) Backpacker travel insurance
(6) Ski travel insurance
(7) Pre-existing medical insurance
(8) Over 64 travel insurance

Besides the above mentioned packages, coverage for hijackings and personal liabilities is also available. Be careful when disclosing personal information. Ensure that all particulars are truthful without withholding any information, especially on health matters. Any discrepancy will seriously affect the terms of the policy. In the event that the plan does not cover certain areas which are important to you, you can always request for add-ons to be included into your policy. And if there are any queries or doubts, do not hesitate to ask for further clarifications.

When deciding on the right insurance, it is advisable to make comparison with other insurance companies to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. You can either visit the insurance companies personally or if time is a constraint, you can check them out online. Remember not to rush into any decisions and take some time to seek out a insurance policy with maximum benefits that fits into your budget. Go for reputable and reliable insurance companies or online insurance provider as their services are generally better and more professional.

Worry-Free Trips With Travel Insurance

Unlike yesteryear, where traveling was confined only to the wealthy people, it is now made possible for the majority to travel to destinations worldwide due to the availability of cheap flights. The thought of visiting other places, be it within the country or overseas, is delightful and filled with excitement. While some prefer to join a tour group, the adventurous ones would like to venture on their own.

Whatever the preference, it is imperative to have proper planning as there are many places to explore and things to do. We also have to be meticulous in our budget planning unless, of course, if we are filthy rich and money is not an issue at all. But for those who are traveling on a budget, there are certain expenses that should not be withheld. While insurance may seem unnecessary, it will come in handy when the need arises so we should seriously consider this issue and not to overlook the risks involved.

Have you heard of this travel quote by John Steinbeck? It says, “A journey is like a marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it”. In other words, there are many happenings beyond our control such as flight delay, lost luggage and accidents. And in the case of accidents, there will be hefty medical expenses to bear. How about last minute flight cancellation? You wouldn’t want to ruin your holiday and turn it into a nightmare! Now, how to get rid of such burdens? How to ensure peace of mind? The good news is there is hope. Travel Insurance will provide you a worry-free and stress-free vacation.

It is important to seek out insurance companies that are highly reputable and customer oriented. Such companies usually provide quick, efficient and hassle-free services. Customer satisfaction and value for money are the key points when selecting travel insurance so scout around before making any decisions. Generally, travel insurance policies come in a wide range and are specially packaged to meet your requirements. To name a few, there are business insurance, adventure travel insurance, single or group insurance and backpacker travel insurance. Besides that, travel insurance for senior citizens and those with pre-existing medical conditions are also available. The prices vary according to the coverage and research has shown that a substantial number of consumers achieved a savings because of the competitive and affordable rates. So what are you waiting for?